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Category:Hinduism-related lists Category:Hindu legends Category:VishnuThe back story on the Savile thing Why hasn't there been a big BBC expose on the widespread sexual abuse by Savile? By Richard Power 7:56AM BST 21 Apr 2012 I was shocked, horrified and incensed by the news yesterday that Jimmy Savile had been accused of sexual assault, and horrified that someone of his ilk would be capable of such a thing. In February I read some fascinating articles in the Mail on Sunday about the Savile name. For example, in the newspaper's "Look Who Made It" column, of which the Savile profile was the first instalment, the writer listed the showbiz, music, politics and police connections of "the only artist in the history of broadcasting to have reached the peak of stardom and fame by accident". These connections included Jimmy Savile's own son, as well as Savile's alleged accomplices John Nolan and Cyril Smith. The latter was a liberal-Left politician who, as Bishop of Gloucester, was in the late 1960s the most powerful and influential man in the Church of England. In the meantime, there have been other stories in the media over the years about Savile's alleged sexual perversions, including: • One of Savile's alleged victims making an official complaint to the police over abuse she suffered at the Savile's hands. It was claimed that it was the only time a child had ever complained of being abused by Savile. • "Savile's twisted crimes", as the Sunday Mirror dubbed a multi-page article in November 2003 about what police were investigating about Savile. In the article, detectives described how Savile had abused children who came to him seeking help. In some of these cases the BBC was accused of covering up Savile's criminal behaviour. However, the police initially said that they had "no interest" in Savile. It was only after two years of investigation by the police that the Crown Prosecution Service pursued Savile on several charges of indecent assault. In 2006, the News of the World's Tristram Kirit, one of Savile's alleged victims, appeared in court to outline the scale of Savile's depravity. In the course of his evidence, Kirit described how Savile's abuse of him started when he was just seven years




Prahlada Sthuthi Malayalam Pdf 39 peadgiu

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